Track Memberships

All track users MUST sign a waiver before riding the Fort St. John Motocross track!

This is very important, and anyone who gets caught riding the track without signing a waiver can be banned from the facilities!

Please note: 

We ONLY accept Credit Card Payment (Visa, Mastercard and Amex)


You can ONLY pick up your track key (if you purchased full season pass) during Fast Trax's open hours.

Only family living in the same household can share 1 membership


Children over the age of 19 must purchase their own membership


Dating couples must purchase their own membership unless legally defined as 'common law'


If you do not want to purchase a membership, you must purchase a Day Pass which is only active for 24 hours.

Please familiarize yourself, and your family with our rules before purchasing a membership.

Any disrespect to the track, club executive or any of our rules will result in a non refundable membership cancellation.



To purchase a 2020 Season Membership or Day Pass, you must click below to fill out the waiver form.

This year, we have a combination lock for our Day Pass users, and a key for our Season Membership users. 

Getting your track key: 

After you purchasing a Membership online, you must take a picture of the confirmation page and present it (with a piece of ID) to our local Kawasaki dealer, Fast Trax.

Located at: 10116 94 Ave.

They will then ask you to sign a second waiver, and give you your key!  

** You may ONLY pick up your key during Fast Trax's hours of operation!

$20/person or immediate family

$100/person or immediate family

All intimidate family members are included in 1 Season Membership

Unless legally defined as 'common law', couples must purchase separate memberships.


We ONLY accept Credit card Payments (Amex, Visa and Mastercard)