Thank you for purchasing a 2017 membership!

Dont Forget...

Access to the track

can be taken away with no refund if you or a family member are not following the rules!


Our tracks now use a mobile app that can unlock the track gate by Bluetooth! Please be aware, this requires us to create you an account (which may take time, especially on weekends and after regular work hours). 


After we create your account, Noke will send you an email so you can set your password. You will need to download the Noke app to your mobile phone! 

When opening the track lock, make sure your phone's Bluetooth is ON. Log into the APP and hold your phone near the lock. Push down on the shackle and the lock will open!  

Please be sure to check your JUNK Mail for the Noke Account Set-up email!

*It's important you download the

Pro Noke App or the lock will not

work properly. App looks like this ->


I do not have a mobile device that's capable of downloading the app, what do I do?

If you cannot download the Noke App, we ask that you contact an executive member for a key fob. Please be aware, a key fob will cost you extra (approximately $40.00).