Please be patient with us! This is our first year with the new lock system, and we will do our best to make it easy for everyone to access the track!

** Please understand, we implemented this new lock system as our club is maintained by hardworking volunteers. It's not easy for our executive to look after the key and lock system when they're often required to physically be at the track. This new lock will make it easier on our volunteers, help secure the track with detailed reports and make it easier for out-of-towners to get day pass'

Step 1:  Purchase a 2017 Membership through our website 

If you will/do require a Day Pass, please try to purchase it beforehand (you can set the date for when you will need it) to ensure a club member can grant you access for when you will be needing it.

Step 2:  Create your Noke account

After a club executive receives your payment, they will grant the email you provided with lock access. You then will receive an email (will most likely be sent to Junk mail) and it will guide you though the steps of creating your account.

Please understand: Every membership requires an executive member to set you up an account, which may take time. Please try to purchase your membership in advance!

Step 3:  Download the App

After you create your account, please download the app. Make sure it's the Noke PRO app (there's 2 but only the PRO APP will work)

iTunes App          Google Play App

You can then log into your account using the company name:   fsj mx club

Opening the lock:

- Once you're in arms reach of the lock, open your Noke App on your phone and make sure you're logged in and your phones bluetooth is ON

- Holding your phone near the lock, click down the shackle of the lock (the lock will then wake up)

- On your phone app (in the Home tab) a lock will appear that says FSJ Motocross Track, beside the name will be a green lock that says 'unlock' click it and the lock will open.

   ** Attaching the lock to the chain has made the lock stick. When waking up the lock, you may have to pull the shackle out and then in again.