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PLEASE Make sure you know how to lock the gate properly before entering the facility and leaving.You must make sure the day lock and the season lock are linked together so that opening either one of the locks will unlock the whole gate. This is very important! Our volunteers are constantly being called down to open the gate for people and sometimes are unable to make it which means that the occasional day pass user can't get access to the track.

Thank you for your purchase!

To receive your track key

Please take a screenshot/picture of this page and present it (and a piece of ID) to a staff member at Fast Trax Motorsports.

They will then ask you to sign the 2nd half of the waiver and then give your key!

One last thing!

-Only 1 key per family/couple!

- Please alert our executive if you see someone vandalizing the facility

- All members are required to lock the gate after they enter

- Please clean up after yourself while using the facilities


Our track is ran by volunteers that put countless hours into keeping the track a nice place to ride!

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